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About Beautymagonlime.com

Beautymagonline.com is the brainchild of Florence Barrett-Hill, an internationally acclaimed dermal science educator, practitioner, researcher and author with a vast experience covering all aspects of professional aesthetic therapy and paramedical skin care. Florence is a sought after presenter of technical maters pertaining to skin treatment therapy and travels internationally sharing her knowledge with individuals and groups who believe the future of professional skin care lies with a scientific foundation.

Florence’s vision was to create an educational resource available to all that would help raise the standards of professional aesthetics practice and skin care. When launched back in 2001, the publication presented subjects outside the mainstream beauty therapy and aesthetics training curriculums of the day. Brand specific advertising was minimised, with subscriptions funding the development and sustainability.

Beautymagonline.com was recognised as perhaps the first online non-brand specific resource for skin treatment practitioners and over the years, the e-zine became a resource for students and professionals alike, with this, its most recent incarnation (2012) taking the form of a library.

Thank you to all the supporters and contributors over the years who have helped make beautymagonline.com what it is today.

For more information about Florence Barrett-Hill and her education programs visit www.pastiche-training.com


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