Anatomy & Physiology

Epidermal Strength and Adhesion

Have you ever wondered what it is that your peeling solutions are affecting or how they work? The old saying "softening and loosening the bonds that hold the corneocyte in place" didnt do it for me. I wanted to know more, hence my research into cell junctions and the role they play in skin adhesion. In addition I wanted to know the effect that different acids had on those cell junctions. This.....

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Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone: Is this the answer to slowing down the ageing process or is it amino acids? Hormones are secreted by the endocrine system & used at the cellar level for communication between body tissues including the brain, organs, other glands, muscles and other tissues of the body. Our growth, mood, digestion, respiration, sense of thirst and hunger, sexual functions, fat.....

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Rosacea: New Breakthrough Reveals True Cause

A New Breakthrough in the cause of Rosacea!Acne rosacea appears to be caused by an overly zealous innate immune response and not by bacteria. Dr Richard L. Gallo, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of California in San Diego has made some interesting discoveries.... This new information means that we now need to explain to clients that acne rosacea, or "adult" acne, may be caused by an.....

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Wound Healing

The skin has various regeneration and repair mechanisms. These are employed to eliminate any damage caused by external influences and to restore lost function Reactions of the horny layer The action of external mechanical, physical or chemical irritants causes the horny layer to thicken. Typical examples are the thickening found after intensive UV radiation and the formation of calluses on.....

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Cell Immortality: The Secrets of Telomerase

Two variations on the theory of ageing dominate thought at the moment. One is that ageing is "built into the system", irrevocable and only slightly affected by external factors. The other states that the ageing process is dramatically influenced by external factors. The general consensus of opinion is that skin ageing can be dramatically accelerated by extremes in environmental factors (i.e.,.....

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Hormones and their Effect on the Skin

Hormones, as we are all aware, are very potent chemicals released by the body to help regulate the body's metabolic processes and have specific effects on the various bodily systems. Im sure weve all nurtured clients through the agony of adolescent acne, pre-menstrual breakouts, seen skin bloom or deteriorate during pregnancy, and puzzled over changes experienced in the lead up to, and at.....

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Endocrine System, Hormones and the Skin: An overview

Janine Tait is an internationally qualified beauty therapist with over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, a dermo-nutrition expert, and educator with a particular interest in skin health and wellbeing.Janine says: Giving nutritional advice is now an accepted part of a therapists recommendation for the clients home care program. If beauty therapists want to move towards involving.....

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Cellular Blebbing: an effect of UV exposure

I recently read an advertisement made by a sun-bed manufacturer that stated "some sceptics still damn the use of sun-beds". To make it worse this was in a trade magazine, which is supposed to educate and support the beauty therapy industry. Research has proven the damaging effects of UVA, the primary UVR source of sun-beds. Enough to convince some states in America to ban the use of sun-beds,.....

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