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Led Photomodulation explained

In the ever-increasing modalities of skin treatment therapies comes LED Photomodulation, the latest form of Phototherapy. This relatively new process has the unique ability to stimulate and/or inhibit cell-signalling pathways for skin rejuvenation and potentially represents the next frontier in anti-aging medicine.Photomodulation is a process that manipulates or regulates cell activity using.....

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What are Oxygen Facials?

The skin treatment therapist will be offered many different technologies to treat their clients during their career, and unfortunately some of these technologies ultimately turn out to be more about good marketing than effective treatments. Case in point: tweezer electrolysis hair removal. Oxygen facials is another modality that is increasing in popularity but also raising a number of questions.....

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Visual UV Skin Analysis: The Skin Scanner Comes of Age!

Perhaps the most significant development in black light (UV) skin analysis devices since their inception in the 1930's has been made recently by a enterprising Dutch inventor with a passion for technology. What he and his team have developed will change the way we visually analyse skin forever.... It is widely recognised that the biggest stumbling blocks of traditional black light skin scanners.....

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Of all of the methods used in the delivery of active ingredients in to the skin, Sonophoresis has much to offer to the contemporary skin treatment therapist. The technology of using sound or sonic waves as a form of treatment has been around for a number of years, however this has been largely in the area of therapeutic treatment of deeper tissues by Physiotherapists using ultrasound. The use.....

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Skin Scanners: Not Created Equal

There is no doubt that skin scanner or “Woods Lamp” UV skin diagnostic devices are a valuable asset in the skin treatment professionals skin assessment toolkit. There are many brands to choose from and prices can vary by as much as 30-40%. The question is of course, do the lower priced units work any better than devices with a higher price tag? The basics Most skin scanner devices feature the.....

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Risk Analysis for IPL and Sunbed Operators

It is still amazing that in the new millennium, Intense Pulsed Light technicians and sunbed operators are still taking risks with their clients when choosing appropriate settings for treatments or determining treatment suitabity. Specifically, the choice of energy settings with different types of skins, and in particular skins with a mixed genetic pool. The professional practice of determining.....

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Cosmetic vs Medical Needling

Canadian Skin treatment specialist Dr Lance Setterfield is researching the effects of dermal rolling of the epidermis (cosmetic needling) and dermis (medical needling) combined with pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients. The goal of the research is to narrow down the variables (e.g. depth of needles, frequency of treatment, topical.....

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Recommended Reading

Advanced Skin Analysis
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Cosmetic chemistry is not another dictionary of cosmetic ingredients, but rather an informative look at understanding the subject of cosmetic chemistry from a Clinical Aesthetician and Beauty Therapist’s viewpoint.
Understand how the chemicals in the cosmetics interact with the skins own chemistry.
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The Visual Skin Analysis Diagnostic Indicator Guide has been developed to extend your visual analysis and consultation techniques of professional skin analysis, while helping communicate your findings with your clients. Covers 11 of the common contemporay skin conditions. read more